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Vimax Extender Faq

Q: How to use Vimax Extender?
A: For the first time, all you have to do is to adjust the extender according to the size of your penis. To do that, if needed, you should screw in additional extension rods to existing ones. The size of the device is calculated from the base plastic ring to the upper part of the extension rod.

Do not worry that it will not fit in! We offer you a full range of elongation bars, for all sizes. After you adjusted the size of extender, you can put the device on your penis. It is important that your penis should not be in erection. With your penis in flaccidity, introduce the fixed part of the extender, with the plastic ring, at the base of your penis. Then, press the device, against your body to reduce the size of elongation bars. With the extender in that position, put the fingers inside the loop formed by the silicone band and pull the gland through the loop.

If you are circumcised, you can put the silicone band on top of the foreskin. If not, you can roll the foreskin back before fixing the silicone band. Then reduce the loop until the device is fixed on your penis, by pulling the ends of the silicon band. The loop should not be too tight. A very tight loop may be uncomfortable, but should be tight enough to keel the glans from slipping out. When the loop is at the right size, secure it by pulling the end of silicone bands into their support.

Now the extender is correctly fixed and ready to work!

Adjusting the size of vimax extender is very simple, and the traction force will adapt automatically with the size of the device. The traction force will do no harm to your body, because is a constant, small, adaptive force. Also, Vimax Extender is made from high quality materials that will not irritate your skin.

The results will be as you expected, but you should be patient, and gradually adjust the size of the extender as your penis grow. Results are not visible over night. In first days, it is important to remove the device from time to time, to let the tissue relax. Is recommended to apply massage to penis during these rest periods. Also, in order to benefit the best results from the product, it should be worn at least 4-6 hours daily

Q: Does it really work?
A: Yes it does. Vimax Extender is used worldwise by real doctors to lengthen penis size.

Q: Are changes obtained from Vimax Extender Permanent?
A: Yes it is. Results won't go away after you stop using our device

Q: How longer can my penis get:
A: You can lengthen your penis up to 3-4 Full Inches.

Q: I have a curved penis which is very embarassing. Will your product help me?
A: Yes it will. The use of Vimax Extender in patients presenting with penis curvature began after these studies. Results were also spectacular, with curvature improvement being observed in between 50% and 90% of all patients studied. This means that patients can anticipate improvement of curvature, in some cases up to 90%, without the need for any surgical procedure and while avo id ing all such potential complications as post-operative retraction.

Q: Will it help increase penis girth?
A: Patients report penis girth increase of up to 25%.

Q: Are there any precautions for using Vimax Extender Device:
A: Vimax Extender should not be used:

During physiological activities of defecation and micturition, sporting activities, sexual intercourse or any potentially dangerous or strenuous physical activity.
After consumption of alcohol or ingestion of painkillers or euphoriants.
During activities in areas where the potential risk of falling exists; the user should take extreme care when climbing stairs, walking on slippery surfaces etc.
While using or being in the vicinity of machinery, motorized vehicles, bicycles, cooking or manipulating hot objects.
If, during use, pain or pallor or discoloration of the glans of the penis is experienced, the use of the device should be immediately discontinued.
In the presence of trauma, pain, skin lacerations or infected areas in or on the penis, Vimax Extender should not be used until complete resolution of the lesions has been achieved.
In chronic diseases that could impair blood circulation, oxygenation and regeneration of tissues (advanced diabetes, cirrhosis, respiratory insufficiency etc.).

Q: Is the shipping dicreet?
A: We value your privacy. We ship the product in discreet packaging with no indication of any penis extender device inside.

Q: How long do i have to use the product for?
A: Best results are achieved during 3-6 months period. Please follow the user manual to obtain the best results possible with Vimax Extender.

Clinic Results Vimax Extender

Vimax Extender has originally been developed by one of the most known urologists Dr. Canavarro.

It was originally designed and used as a medical aid in penis enlargement surgery. It also has been intensively tested and studied by many specialists in order to assure its effectiveness.

Vimax Extender is recognized as the most efficient device for penis enlargement by many of the leading practitioners in this field. Also Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego, recommend this device to his patients.

Dr. Canavarro has been helping a lot of patients to enlarge their penis and achieve their goal regarding the size and the shape of their penis. He have been engaged in his practice for more than 11 years and successfully recommended Vimax Extender to many of his patients. With a correct use, no one ever complained that device is inefficient.

Many patients that used Vimax Extender changed their lives. No matter what the reasons are, a bigger penis is very important for almost every man. Also it is said that size does not matter, it is not actually true. For many men, the size of their penis is very important.

And a small size lead to a lot of anxiety, and undesirable personal and social effects. We are pleased to confirm that Vimax Extender has been helping many men achieve their goals.

Due to its effectiveness and positive reports from various independent clinics and laboratories, Vimax Extenderis being prescribed by many doctors to their patients with penis size problems as a good quality product and the best alternative to surgery.

It is also prescribed to patients with penis curvatures, due to its ability proved by clinical studies to correct up to 75% in penile curvatures and deviations.

Vimax Extenderis recommended by many respected urologists for penis enlargement, penile curvature treatments, and post surgical treatment, to avoid scar retraction. They have made scientific studies using Vimax Extender Device, and this device has proven to be essential in achieving their objectives.

The key to success is that Vimax Extender has been developed by a reputable medical company, ready to offer their customers the best solution to achieve their goals. We are no interested in making money out of your problems, our main goal is to help as many of you as we can.

We like people to know that penis enlargement is not what it used to be in the past. An impossible dream, that can be made reality only with surgery. Now penis enlargement has become easier than ever.

Vimax Extender uses a simple method, in a very effective way. The traction principle is known since antiquity. Vimax Extender uses the same principle, but improved, due to our researches, to provide the best possible results.

If Vimax Extender is used according to instruction manual, there is no reason to think the device does not work. Clinical studied has shown that Vimax Extender has been reported to have positive result for over 98% of cases.

Individual differences occur because every organism is different and respond in a different way to the device. But the main effect is the same for every men. We are very confident in our product as it has been the result of many years of intensive researches and tests.

Being a well known company, with many years of experience, we like to tell you that Vimax Extender has been released after years of hard working, after a lot of clinical studies, researches and tests, to assure you the best quality, to be sure we can provide what we claim to: best possible result in the fastest possible time.

# That is why we are different from other companies, that that is why our product is different. The overall results is the subjects reported an average growth in penis length close to 30%. The results of these studies confirmed that Vimax Extender Device is effective therefore recommended in: Adding additional inches in penile length

# Adding extra inches in penile girth
Curvature Correction with Vimax Extender
Either your penis is not straight as you wanted to be and bend and point in other direction than straight forward, or you feel uncomfortable and you think something is wrong with the shape of your penis, Vimax Extender Device can successfully help you correct these problems.

You should know that some degree of curvature is not considered to be abnormal, but this may still cause discomfort during sexual act, and make you feel uncomfortable. However, when this is caused by Peyronie's disease, it may lead to serious problem if is not corrected in time.

The only solution for these problems used to be surgical correction, which was not very safe, and which could produce serious undesirable effects. Nowadays surgery is not the only option anymore. Vimax Extender is a clinical proven to work solution in correcting penile deviation and curvature. As well, it is recommended as treatment aid in Peyronie's disease.

Clinical studies regarding this matter has shown the following results:

# Correction of up to 75% in Penile deviations and curvatures
# Reduction in discomfort during intercourse
# Improved confidence and self-image

Order Vimax Extender today and you will benefit from the advantages of a straight, bigger and thicker penis.

RM329.00 is nothing compared to all the benefits Vimax Extender can give you.

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Vimax Extender

Enlarging your penis fast, effective, with no pain, with no surgery, is finally possible.
Penis enlargement market is full on low quality products. Of course there are products of high quality, and really effective, but also a lot of bad, unsafely products. There are many products like pumps, pills, weight hanger that claim to “change your life over night”. Remember that no product is able to increase your penis size with inches in just few weeks. Remember that companies with no possibility to contact them should not be trusted. Also, a good company have a support team, ready to help their customers whenever they need. This is not case of bad companies that came out of nowhere, only interested in taking your money.

Why is Vimax Extender different?
Vimax Extender ‘s principle is based on principle of traction. Traction techniques are also used in modern medicine. In traditional orthopedic surgery doctors are using this method to encourage bone growth. It is also used in plastic surgery, for tissue expansion, to cover skin defects like burns, or areas of hair loss.

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What makes Vimax Extender different from other similar products is that our device does not force your penis to elongate. Based on our researches, we specially designed Vimax Extender Device to use only those areas known to maximize the enlargement.

Vimax Extender has been approved and recommended by various well known specialists in penis enlargement domain. Also, some of world famous urologists recommend Vimax Extender to their patients.

How exactly does Vimax Extender works?
During an erection, brain releases the hormones responsible for sending blood to your penis, to fill the erectile tissue. This way corpora cavernosa fill with maximum possible blood, thus giving you the erection. As you can see, in fact the size of your penis is limited by the size of corpora cavernosa.

To enlarge your penis, Vimax Extender Device is specially designed to apply constant and gentile force along the shaft of your penis. This gentile force is stretching your penis tissue, which causes body natural cell to multiply and regenerate to accommodate to stretched tissue. This cells regeneration , and tissue expansion will leads to an increased penis in both girth and length.

Stretching the penis tissue allow cells to reproduce; that means that more blood can flow through, making it larger. By increasing the blood flow through your penis, spongy tissue will become more absorbent, leading to a bigger penis.

With Vimax Extender you can:

Facilitate penile growth by asserting a constant, measured traction force
Add additional inches in penis length
Add extra inches in penis girth
Correct up to 75% in penile deviations or curvatures

As you can see, Vimax Extender is the best and safest way to enlarge your penis. It special design make this a fast, effective, and painless method.

Start making those improvements in your life you always wanted. Star being the super confident man you always wanted to be. No more anxiety. No more being ashamed by the size of your penis.

Start a new life, just as you always wanted by ordering today the product that will change your sexual life, and self esteem for good.

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This could be your chance. Do no hesitate, as you have nothing to lose.

A product with only positive feedbacks from customers like Vimax Extender can be your chance of starting a new life. All this with only RM329.00.

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Vimax Extender Review

If you are like most men then you worry a lot about the size of your penis. I'm sure you've hold the old saying that "size doesn't matter," but if you are like most men you know that isn't really true. Size counts. And like it or not, women do care about size. A woman is much more likely to be satisfied with a man with an above average size penis.

In the past you may have been stuck with what you've got, but science has come a long way when it comes to penis enlargement and now there is something you can do about it. The Vimax penis enlargement extender device is the top ranked product of it's kind.

What is the Vimax Extender?

This is a product which can be ordered online and which has been shown to increase the length of the penis by as much as 4". The device is 100% safe and it's also 100% guaranteed to work (with a full money back guarantee.) Another great benefit of the device is for men with a curved penis. The device has been shown to straighten out penis curvature.

Vimax Extender Features

  • Increases length of a customer's penis by as much as 4".
  • Increases penis girth (width) by as much as 20%.
  • Non invasive (unlike penis enlargement surgery.)
  • Can be ordered online 24/7/365.
  • 24/7 customer support (phone, and email.)
  • The device is shipped (and billed) discreetly.
  • 100% safe to use.
  • All enlargement results are permanent.
  • It's easy to use. Just follow the manual that it comes with.

CLICK HERE: Vimax Extender. Learn more about this penis enlargement device including how you can order it online.

Vimax Extender FAQ. Questions & answers about this top rated product.

Vimax Extender

Vimax Extender - What Is The Vimax Extender And Does It Really Work

The Vimax extender is one of a number of penis enlargement products created by Vimax. Pills are one option. Another option is the extender. This article will discuss what the Vimax extender actually is and whether it works to give permanent penis enlargement results.

This product was created by Dr Jorn Ege Siana who is a specialist in penis lengthening techniques. This product is, in fact, a penis lengthening device.

There are a number of benefits to trying a penis stretching device. Not only do men experience significant lengthening results but it can also cure a curvature in the shaft which can often be an embarrassing problem.

Cosmetic surgeons recommend this device as an add-on to penis surgery and men report faster lengthening when surgery and the device are combined.

Tribes have been using stretching devices for centuries in order to change the appearance of their body parts. For centuries, lips, necks, ear lopes, penises and noses have been purposefully elongated for a range of reasons.

How To Use The Vimax Extender

There are some significant drawbacks to using this product and that is the length of time men are required to wear it. The contraption is attached to the penis for varying lengths of time. The literature states that it must be used for at least 4 to 6 hours every day and for at least three months.

This may not only be inconvenient but it may also be very uncomfortable for extended periods of time.

In order to treat curvature of the penis shaft it is necessary to wear this product for at least six months for up to 10 hours every day.

There are also some warnings for when it is not recommended to use this product.

This includes:

  • During Sporting activites
  • After the ingestion of alcohol, drugs or pain killers
  • When you are at risk of falling during any activity
  • While cooking
  • While riding a bike
  • If you are suffering from a number of medical conditions
While this product does appear to give substantial penis enlargement results its use may not be as suitable to men as other enlargement options.

For more information about the Vimax pill and its results when put to the test by the Consumer Health Organization check out the website below!

Copyright 2007. The Vimax pill can permanently enlarge your penis by as much as 3 inches in a matter of weeks with no effort on your part. No penis enlargement devices or exercises are required. It's also covered by a 60 day money back guarantee. Vimax has been helping men increase their penis size permanently for five years. Only go with a penis enlargement pill that you can trust. To find out more about the Vimax Pill go to